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A Memorial Day Surprise at Busch Stadium

Army SPC William Johanson-Kubin and Shelby FetschShelby Fetsch was supposed to throw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium last night. She was filling in for her boyfriend, Army SPC William Johanson-Kubin, who was supposed to be stationed overseas. He played the part of the catcher disguising his face with the catcher’s mask. After she threw the pitch, she was in for the suprise of her life.

After he revealed who he was , he took everything a step further and git on his knees and proposed to her. If you want to know her answer, you can head over to the Cut 4 blog and watch the video. The broadcast was a part of the “This One’s for You” broadcast that the Cardinals were showing on the Armed Forces Network to start the Memorial Day Weekend.

I have a lot of criticisms for Major League Baseball, but they always go all out to support our troops and make them feel appreciated. Every year on Memorial Day, July 4th, and September 11th, they always done their red, white, and blue hats that are always extremely popular with the fans. The appreciation for the troops dates all the way back to World War 1 when someone decided it would be a good idea to sing the National Anthem before the game to inspire nationalism. That practice has become common place.

Memorial Day is about a lot of things. It’s the unofficial beginning of summer so there are lots of BBQs, swimming parties, and relaxing. There is also a ton of baseball to watch. But let’s not lose sight of what Memorial Day is all about. It’s a day set aside to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their freedoms, and even their lives, to ensure that we can enjoy our freedoms. We thank you for your service.