Kate Upton Follows Christie Brinkley

Kate Upton Allan and Ginter Card from ToppsKate Upton, the super model that was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit  Issue and the spokesperson for the MLB 2K12 game franchise will grace the cover of something very different than a magazine cover. According to Beckett (the source for baseball card news), Kate Upton will be on a baseball card when Topps issues it’s popular Allen and Ginter set.

The card (to the right) has an old-time feel because the Allen and Ginter set is a reproduction set of a popular Tobacco set form the late-1800s. The original set featured cards from all walks of life: from baseball to boxing, from Native Americans to icons of the Wild West. The reproduction set stays true to the original by having not only baseball, but cards from all sectors of pop culture. Given Upton immense popularity, it is no surprise to see her in the set. The real question is how much the card will be worth.

Upton is not the first supermodel to be on a baseball card though. In 1996, the Pinnacle Company (makers of Pinnacle, Score, Summit, and Zenith baseball cards) enlisted the photography skills of Christie Brinkley. She took key players from the Braves and Indians (who were in the 1995 World Series) and had them in a variety of poses and posed with each player on the back of the card.

Christie Brinkley Collection with Dave Justice

Baseball card companies (Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck) are always looking for unique ways to try to attract customers. Whether it is a hair from a president or a celebrity encapsulated in a card, or having cards of supermodels. They will try anything and keep what works the best. Kate Upton is not the first supermodel to be on a card, and she won’t be the last. I suspect, though, that her card will be a hot commodity when it is released.



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